Friday, July 27, 2018

Let them be

Last week i had a talk from the heart with a friend. I told her something that shocked me hearing it in a loud voice.. sometimes parents -with the best intentions- they shape their kids out of what they really are, believing that it is gonna help them be more successful in their lives. Which is true. Parents add survival skills to their kids.
"BUT" accompanied to it, they probably lose their own shape.. some of their identity- if not all of it- and they lose with it the ability of fulfilling their purpose in this life..
They get lost and they lose meaning.. a problem of our generation, isn't it?! 
Our parents wanted to prepare us for the world.. they gave us skills and ignored -if not refuse- some of our character so we can survive in this ugly world.. and indeed they did help us! They added skills that were essential for our journey..
But now we are spending so much time and energy to know what is missing?! We feel it and we know it, but we can't put our hands on what exactly that it is.
We know we are not fulfilled and not meant to live only for this, however we are living now, even this glamorous success we are living.. because we lost the tool that will help us achieve what we are meant to achieve in our life.. our purpose! Our core reason of existence.. our message in life!
So i pray everyday for God to help me "LET MY KIDS BE" to help them discover who they are. To explore the talents and gifts that God had granted them. To purify the origin they have in their deep core. Not to change the ingredients of the original recipe created by God.
I am a mom now and i realize we have the best of intentions, yet, it doesn't change the fact that adding a bit of salt or skipping some pepper would change the original recipe and that would cost them years and years of confusion, loneliness and loss of meaning and fulfillment..

Dear God,
Plz help me help them be as you created them to be so they can find their purpose and fulfill it.

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