Wednesday, June 6, 2018

It's not at the wrong time, it's for/by the wrong person

Time is a b**** yes, but only if we let it be.
Its not that the timing is wrong. Its just that they were not a priority for you at this point or you were not a priority.
I know its harsh, um sorry. But timing wasn't wrong. Its either you or them were the wrong person.
A married person? Not wrong timing. Its a wrong person. Bcz marriage becomes a part of who a married person is.
Not ready for commitment? Not wrong timing again. Its the wrong person. The right person would prioritize you over anything. They wld love to get out of their plan and would dream of being committed to you. Happily and willingly. "If" you/they were the right person.

Anyway.. you cant fantasies about the future confirming that something would be perfect if not for blah blah.
If this blah change, surprise! The relationship can still be not perfect.

You know what?
I don't think anything is perfect.
There are imperfect things but though the imperfections they remain Beautiful  and breath taking.

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