Monday, May 21, 2018

The temple conversation

Few days ago my son and i saw a temple on our way.

-mama its a temple
-yes habibi
-what is a temple?
-a place like the church habibi.
-but its not a church?
-no habibi. Its a temple. Its a place where some people pray in it.
-but we dont pray in it? Can we?
-no habibi we can pray anywhere bcz God is everywhere. But we mainly pray in our church and our home. A temple has different kind of prayers than the ones we pray.
-does Adam pray in this temple?
-no. Adam prays in a mosque.
-what is a mosque?
-its another place where other people pray in it. As we talked before people are different and its okay to be different.
-oh! Too much places for too much ppl.
-yes habibi. They all pray to God. Each in his way. And there some other places too where people pray in it but not to God.. or to God but in a very different way. And some people dont pray at all.
-yeah i know . Some ppl dont believe in Jesus. And some ppl dont believe in God at all.
-yes habibi.
-but i want them to believe in God. How can we make them?
-we dont "make" them. You can only be good to them and also you can pray God would help them know him. But you dont even try to "make" them. All you can do is be a good example and pray.. but its not your job to make anyone do anything.
-you are right mommy.. i dont like it when ppl try to make me do things.. i like it better when i do things that i want.

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