Friday, March 23, 2018

Faith.. disapointments.. depression..

#Faith #disapointments  #Depression #God_is_Good all the time
#مؤمن_و_لكن عادي ممكن ياخد على خاطره
-courage! God can do anything! He..
- save your breath, i believe in this to my bones. and somehow this is sometimes the problem.
-what do you mean?
- he can definitely do it, he just "doesn't want to". also save your breath, i believe it is all for the best. It just hurts anyway. And dont worry, God is okay with this. HE can accept all sort of feelings.
A believer can be hurt and disapointed. You dont have to defend God.
Being hurt or in pain doesn't mean they lost their faith in God's goodness and love. It just means they are human! FYI (!!) Humans have all sorts of feelings while they still keep their faith. they are just not robots!
و بالمرة يعني..
Believers are not immune to disapointments, depression and all sorts of mental health issues, as much as they are not immune to diabetes, flu or cancer..

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