Friday, February 16, 2018

"Too late" ..

She waited and waited..
She waited when she was hopeful and waited when she was desperate. She waited when she was strong and waited when she was heartbroken.. but one day, she became indifferent, and only then, she stopped waiting. And of course this is when he came..
She never knew how bitter is the sound of the word to the one who say it, till she tasted its bitterness in her mouth and her heart.
How cruel is this word! Not only to hear it, but also to say it.. "too late!" It is just too cruel! And its bitterness taste last forever..
I tell you, my friend, timing isn't only important.. but its fatal!
One day earlier this kiss would have been the powerful kiss of life to their relationship.. but today.. one day late, it became a goodbye kiss.. one sad helpless kiss..

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