Sunday, February 25, 2018

My Beloved Daughter.. my precious pearl

My Beloved Daughter..
My most precious pearl.. we named you Rita because you are "The One Pearl of Great Price" انظر الصورة التوضيحية بالاسفل 😁
You are only 2 years old now, so I KNOW this is way too much to say.. but you are growing too fast! Way too fast! And i dont wanna forget telling you this, or say it too late.. so um saying it now.
I love you. And as I always tell you, I love you no matter what you do.
I love you beyond any words can say, so I am not gonna waste time trying to express how much I love you because words will never say enough.. So just be sure that I really truly deeply love you with all I can.
I see clearly how special you are.. you have this inner beauty that is reflected on your very beautiful face. However always Remember that your inner beauty is what counts anyway.
You are thoughtful, fun, curious, tender, and You never stop surprising me with how brilliant is your mind too.
I am gonna tell you all about it when you grow up. Well.. i have tons of photos and videos telling all these beautiful and fun stories about you sweetheart 😊 لا داعي للتشريد دلوقت😁
you make me laugh my heart out.. and you fill my heart with joy. And you amaze me and blow my mind with your intelligence and incredibly unique charachter.
I can't be more proud!
So dont you dare belittle yourself or doubt it. Believe in who you are.
Have faith that no one can shake. Better, dont let anyone dare to think that they can.
Dont let anyone tell you whom to be. Even if it was me!
 Be your beautiful authentic self. You are genuinely beautiful just the way you are. Actually if you got out of your skin, you will never fulfill your purpose and dont let me start about how lost and empty this would make you feel.. so always be yourself.
And always remember, you are very precious, free, kind, brave, fun, strong, persistent, and smart. Above all, you are unique!
Take all the time you need before you decide.
Value time.
Never lose yourself, there is NOTHING in the world that its value can be compared with your priceless being.
Have your eyes always set on God. Rely on him. He will always be there for you with his arms wide open.
My girl.. my so precious girl, probably you are gonna change your mind about all sort of things. Its totally okay, actually it is a very good thing. Its a sign of growth and life. So its okay to change your opinion when you reach a better one..
be open minded and courageous to embrace change
 it might get you to reconsider your priorities or reset your boundaries, and this is totally okay too.  Just be kind and thoughtful to everyone. And make sure the change is for the better..
Dont make commitments too early or when you are not sure.
Thrive and follow your dreams enthusiastically and with persistence!
 Dont break your promises, and dont break someone's heart.
Take it easy when it is about taking big decisions.
 Always know that there is a time for everything, so Slow down you crazy child, Vienna waits for you.
Know yourself, invest in yourself, it is not selfishness, actually it is the way to care for others around you. You should put on your own oxygen mask before you start helping others. That is how it works. But once you have taken care of your needs, always help around. Dont be selfish.
I know its too early to tell you all these stuff.. but who knows? Its better to keep it here till you need it.

If you ever doubt anything, never doubt my love! Come and tell me whatever you want. I will always be here to listen to anything, your thoughts, feelings, ideas, heartbreaks, disapointments, joys, questions and dreams. No matter how disinterested  you think i would be, just come and pour your heart out. I assure you it is important to me as long as it is important to you, love.
No matter where i am, i will be here for you!
Always remember, you deserve nothing less than this One Pearl of Great Price. One should treat you like a priceless treasure. Not because you are better than anyone, but because you know how valuable everybody is, including yourself, so dont allow anyone to treat you otherwise.
And treat people the same way you want them to treat you, with respect, love, kindness and honesty.

And when I make you angry, and I can bet it will be a lot 😈 (so i used when, not "if"), you can always say it to me.. i will take it.. you can run to my arms when you are angry, and even when I myself am angry too. Because love is our bridge that we will never burn.

There isn't a day that pass without a heartfelt prayer for you and your brother. May God always guide your steps, fills your heart with his spirit and its fruits and bless all that your hands reach for..

Happy Birthday princesse 😍😘

Mirette Nabil
February 26, 2018

I will always update this whenever i find domething worth saying..

"تستحق أن يحبك أحدهم بكُل قلبه كأنك مُعجزة، تذكر ذلك جيدًا." ~ Wonder
You truly are a real miracle :) i will tell you all about it when you grow up. The doctor had his eyebrows up to his hair!! You are a miracle and you deserve to be looked at as one ❤

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