Monday, February 26, 2018

Goliath and my son

Yesterday before we sleep, while i was tucking my 4 year old son in bed, he asked me if Goliath was in heaven?
The question surprised me.. and i knew it was a trap!!! He is asking for a reflection in his head.. so i asked him
-why are you asking?
-because he died.. do we all go to heaven after we die? All of us? Will Goliath bother us there?
-well.. i am not sure where he will be. Its only up to God to decide.. all i know is he did some bad stuff.. he bothered some people and wanted to take their homeland.. but i am not sure if he was a good person or bad person.. its  not up to me to say.
-so how do we know where we go?
-after we die we all go to heaven, then later on after everybody dies, God will come to each one and talk to him. And as only God knows everything, so only God decide who is good and who is bad.
-what happens to bad people? Where do they go? What about good people?
-Good people will be invited to God's kingdom.. they will go to live in his house! I am not sure about bad people.. i think maybe they will be staying outside alone..
-hmmm ... there is a boy in my school "um not sure if he is a bad boy" but he does bad stuff he does X and Y and it bothers me, but its only up to God to know if he is a bad boy.. even good people sometimes do bad stuff, so um not sure..
- *i raised my case*

I never imagined what is running in their head why they ask questions.. anyway I thank God deeply that he guided me to this answer..

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