Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Be it high heels or flip-flops!

Life is not just one of those…
It’s a mixing of both
The revolving restaurant and that elegant toxido coupling a fancy dress
And sitting on the sidewalk eating with your bare hands..
Measure out everything in life on these behaviors
Just LIVE!
Just be yourself..
Do what you want.. Say what you like
Eat what you crave.. Dress up as you feel like it..
Cry.. Shout.. Laugh out loud wherever and whenever
Its not wrong to be human…
We are not machines or systems
We are blood and flesh… minds and hearts..
WE ARE HUMANS.. Who lives only ONCE
It’s just me as I am … with my strength & my weakness
With my beauty & ugliness
With my fine taste & my clumsiness 
With my organizing details & with my being spontaneous

There are no rules
 Beyond ethics, we are all right. No one is right and no one is wrong
We are just different.. maybe what someone likes the other don’t.. but this doesn’t mean that one is weird or strange..
Just do what u feel
If u feel comfortable with high heels, revolving restaurants & the French accent then good for you … its alright that you are doing what makes you feel comfortable
If you feel fine with being shoesless, men3akesh, its your choice & its good for you as long as you are comfortable & feeling yourself
If you are a mix of all rolling into one, then fine too!
The most important thing is that you never lose the point, that it is all about you!  not about them,
Its al about you.. your life.. so don’t waste your time and dreams

Again.. we live only once

Mirette Nabil 

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