Monday, December 18, 2017

To santa or not to santa? This is the question of the season!

I am a creative person with a wild imagination. Being realistic never stood in my way to be imaginative.

Yet.. i cant find in my heart the ability of telling my children something that i know is not true..

Yet bardo i dont wanna kill the fun and magic of the season.
W bardo not able to make the magic about santa and the gifts ..etc bcz Christmas is not about Santa.. even Santa himself would not want children to think this way, right?

Um trying to find a balance here.. trying to have fun while understanding the truth..
From where i come from, i dont see why being realistic and knowing the truth is a fun killer or imagination killer.

I knew santa was always madame X at school who wear the costume.. i know it was monsieur Y who wear it at church.. it never killed the joy or fun.

Bardo to be honest i never tasted how it feels to really believe in santa.. so i donno what um missing.. but i know i didn't lack imagination nor fun, joy or hope!

I want my kids to know since very young age that Christmas is joyful and hopeful, not bcz of the gifts, but bcz of its true meaning.
I want them to love Santa for what it symbolizes -saint Nicholas.. the giver!- not bcz of the gift..
I know it wont stand in the way of them having fun and being happy and enjoying the gifts or even seeing someone wearing like santa!

I want them to believe they , themselves, they can be santa.. i want them to imagine themselves as santa, st. Nicholas- not as the person waiting for help/gift.. i want them to thrive to be all the help they can be..
I want them to look up at st. Nicholas as a mentor.. as we do with all other saints, learn from them, each in his creative way..  each in his magical way! :)

I told about Santa's story origin.. i said about st. Nicholas. And with the pure undamaged instinct of kids, the conclusion reached was "he is a good person who share, i wanna be like him"
He asks if santa will bring him gifts? (Oops it seems i forgot to mention he passed away) but i mentioned everyone can be like santa..  i left it open.. i never say "Santa bring gifts." Also i never said "grow up! Santa doesn't exist!" Um leaving open questions and they should reach conclusions all by themselves.. but i would never say something that would lead them to something that it is not true.
I also mentioned that st. Nicholas brought gifts to those who could not afford getting it for themselves..
So the conclusion reached? "Thank you God for we have money and we can get toys. Plz send gifts to those who cant afford."

We didnt need to create or imagine hope, bcz it really exist.. it exist and has an opportunity in each living person.. we are real, and we are hope.. that what we believe.

So i wont mind to costume as Santa and laugh it and wait for this tradition each year.. yeah! Why not?!  its fun so why not.. but i also dont need to imagine things to say hope exist, bcz it really does exist, if not around us, then at least within us.

I had this question about Halloween.
And this is what i reached. We can have fun costumes. But we dont get spooky or scary..etc we can have the fun part, an ad-hoc fun to our convenience, without the belief itself.
We celebrate creativity and fun, but never anything that offend our core belief or principles.
We as kids, celebrated many occasions that was not ours, but we took only what doesn't contradict with our beliefs. And it never killed the fun.
The joy and hope can always find their way. Always!

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