Saturday, November 11, 2017

I want you to "want" to do the dishes

And once she faced herself with this, she immediately realized her true worth and value. " I don't want you to do the dishes, I want you to "want" to do the dishes!" (Watch "The Break-up" movie)
She knew that she deserves someone who appreciates her, who cherishes her. who pray hard to marry her. to walk side by side closer to God. Someone who is sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Someone who is aware that he can live without her, yet, he knows that his life will be way better when shared with her. Someone who doesn't propose only because that's what she wants or because that is what everyone else does, or even because its the proper thing to be done.
No! She now understands that marriage is not a favor nor a routine nor a one sided dream.
Marriage must be backboned by "mature love" not infatuation, not dependency, not lust, not habit, not abuse, not to calm those inner insecurities or loneliness, not out of wanting to wear that dress and toxido... etc
Marriage is way deeper than those superficial idea sold in nowadays world.
Marriage is full of stuggles mutual love, respect, understanding, forgiveness and compromises is the fuel that keeps it going.. God as the bonder is who refill this positive energy and deepens and strengthens the relationship.
She has earned to be dreamt about by someone who knows and accepts her flaws as much as her strengths and beauty.
Someone who can help her gently to be the best version of herself,  someone who allows her and even asks her to help him be the best version of himself.
Someone who shares the same vision, priorities and values.
She now learnt to love and see herself and others through God's eyes.
Precious became her self-name :)

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