Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The before and after myth!

You have been checking photos for female artists before and after, with and without make up? How does it make you feel?
I wanna tell you something:
you are beautiful just the way you are :) and your inner beauty is way more important than your external beauty. you deserve people in your life who see your inner beauty before your outlook.
you dont need to prove anything to anyone, you dont need people in your life who puts you under the pressure of proving anything to them. ("If I put such make up, I would be a star too")
Always work on your inner beauty, thats all you need, and that shall do the job of attracting the right persons to you. As a result, not as a goal.
if someone is not attracted to you by then, then be sure that they are not the kind of persons you need in your life.
Yes, outlook is good and it is always great to feel stunning, but dont let it distract you or stress you.
Dont let the industry of magazines and cosmetics or even shallow people to deceive you and take you out of your track.
Again, I repeat, you are beautiful just the way you are :)

الله لم يخلقك لمتعة اخر
و لم يخلقك للمهانة
ولم يخلقك لتعيشين بالعار
الله خلقك كما بقية الكون: لتمجدين اسمه
الله خلقك لتستمعي بالكون الذي خلقه الله للانسان
الله خلقك لتنجحي و تتفوقي فيمجد اسمه بسببك
الله خلقك لتكتشفي الحياة فتحبيه
فتحبيه و تحبي نفسك و تحبي الاخر 

جمالك ليس في مظهرك فقط. 
جمالك في عقلك.. اهتمي به
جمالك في روحك. نقيها
جمالك في انطباع صورة خالقك عليك.  :)
September 2014 

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