Thursday, September 21, 2017

Goodnight my magic wand :) نامت معذبتي!

That magical moment when the world goes off my shoulders.. when all of my disapoinments -or just a part of it to be honest- turns into cherished and appreciated moment..
That moment of peace when you sleep..
I turn from an anxious hulk, worrying over all the things i should be doing now instead of putting you to sleep in more than an hour! Ya 2adra!
Instead of thinking of all the negative stuff و عمري اللي بيتسرسب من ايديا while putting you to sleep. (Sa3a w nos?! kaman marra ya moftareya!)

That moment when i hear your breath getting  rhythmaticas a sign that you fell asleep..
I hear it and it runs into my system like a drug.. an ecstasy! Calming me down and giving me a peaceful feeling and turn all my negativite energy into love and gratefulness..
You fall asleep, and i fall in love all over again.. every night and every morning :) head to toes!
I willingly refuse to leave you and run as i was wishing during the past 2 hours..
بنتي نايمة و هعمل حفلة بس ياريت تصحاش على غفلة 💃
Instead i keep you in my arms and kiss every inch of your little body.. i turn-on a tiny light so i can look onto your graceful face..
That moment when you turn from a nerf wrecking  destructive monster👻 into a peaceful graceful cute angel 😇...
The same moment i turn from a Hulk into a loving sweet mom..👼

Good night my magic wand..

Sweet dreams my perfect Doritos 😘❤❤❤

Love you ya ro7 alb mama 😘😘

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