Thursday, June 29, 2017

silent !

u reach a point of tiredness that makes u silent..
u dont wanna talk..
& even ur mind is silent too..
u dont wanna think..
& ur body is silent too
u dont wanna move..
i thought so many times before.. & i talked so many long before.. i ran after things
& there are times that it all didnt get me any further..
i care too much for tomorrow
i care too much for how ppl will affect my life by their deeds
i care too much by how i might ruin my tomorrow by those things that i make today
i care.. & get depressed... & fill my mind wz sooo many questions that i cant find an answer for..
i just exhaust my mind & paralyse my today by my fears
yesterday was messed up by others or by myself
Today is effected by yesterday, so i cant help most of it.. byt it is in my hands somehow ( soemtimes i build, destroy, or i just get paralysed)
Tomorrow is in God's hands.. i can do nothing about it.. cant even expect how it will be w ma3 zalek ( cant comment on myself fe3lan) always i get myself busy & depressed & worried & afraid cz of tom that i cant touch or even sure that i will see
i forget that who holds tom is Almighty & loving.. & have a better vision
i forget all that or dont trust it at all w i rely on my limited mind !!!!
& i get myself tired.. so tired.. & paralysed.. compressed!

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