Thursday, June 29, 2017

It takes two to Tango

Both must have same policy.. Both are giving, so the result is that both are taking, so that both would have something to re-give.. it is a cycle!

Acceptance comes with sacrifices from both sides. You accept & love and he/she accepts & love..... Both have same policy.. Way of life..

So taking would become just a smooth automatic result & not a target in itself.
If only one partner is giving & the other is taking, its not healthy anymore, it becomes abuse.

No body is perfect.. So no matter how much, deep & true is your love for anyone, you will never be able to give all that he/she needs.. & vice versa, no matter how true is his love he will never be able to give you all you need..

if we are not filled from God, even if the other gave alllll they got, yet we wont be filled
its the 20% & 80% that we all know ( if anyone gave ALL he/she got (his/her gave their 100%) he/she would fill only 20% of the other's needs, so if the rest 80% of the needs is not filled by God, then no one will ever feel satisfied or loved or accepted with more than 20% (elli heya el 100% beta3et elli 2odamo.. bani2adam ma7doud..)

Give all you can.. all you have.. the best you have..
Give love, acceptance, forgiveness, patience, time, effort, money. give all the good in yourself! give all yourself
stop staring at what the other is not giving you .. accept that you or your partner are not Gods.. & no other partner or person on earth is God, there is only one God & Him Only can give you all ur needs & without expecting anything in return. &we are not Gods.. so when it comes to human love, we have to learn to give one another & give up on things for each other.. We have to sacrifice things... The only love in the world that is true & accepted in a take direction only is babies love.. They love but they don’t give, simply because they cant as they don’t have things yet to give & that’s why we are the children of God, our relation with him is a relation of kids to their father…
But human matured relations is all about giving exactly as u seek to be accepted (to be given).. you love then you give.. you love so you stop looking at yourself & focus on how to make the other satisfied & feeling accepted from you too

If u cant accept loosing you cant win..
if u cant accept giving & sacrificing you cant love. if you cant give up on your money to buy a car (something precious for you that you need) you cant have the car.. This is life in general, not only in love.. you give so you can take & you take so you can give..

We are not living alone in this worl.. and actually it take two to tango. so why imagine any other way in love.. it takes TWO same as anything else.. Interaction means 2 ways, one going & one coming. A channel that sends & receives.. like any proper communication.

We have to believe in that, we have to be convinced for the reason why we give, it is not for anyone’s sake, it shall be bec I WANT TO give.. Which is the spontaneous feeling “Giving Happily” specially to those important & precious things & people in my life, we pay thousands to get the car without being forced to, & we sacrifice the money for the car happily.. imagine yourself asking the seller to give u the car while confirming that you don’t wanna & wont give him a single cent !! Or imagine the seller asking you for the thousands while telling u that he won’t give you the car!!! Or imagine you ask your employer for ur huge salary increase while telling him that you wont achieve the tasks & wont come to work, or that he asks you to work as hard & make all targets while he wont give la salary wala benefits wala ay guarantee

Fair is Fair.. the game has to be fair for both so it can be called Fair!

Both must have same policy.. Both are giving, so the result is that both are taking.. If only one person is giving then da yeb2a esmo complete unfairness aw immature love.. aw 3adam edrak tam lel 7ayah.. so as u said my friend : ….We need to wake up and smell the coffee…..

& it is not only about Partner's love.. its about family.. friends.. work.. even vendors..interest.. casual ppeople ..etc as said above.. so we are talking here about any two humans ayan kan no3 el 3elaka..

No one takes everything.. & there is nothing without sacrifice.. & if you had an easy thing probably you wont appreciate it.. w easy come easy go.. wel wa7ed mabey7esesh b 2imet el 7aga ella ama yet3ab fiha aw tedee3 meno.. wel kalam wel 7ekam elli kolina 3arfenha
بعرق وجهك تأكل خبزا حتي تعود الي الارض
if u thought otherwise .. think again about it..

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