Thursday, June 29, 2017

Free mind.. Free Soul!

some thoughts that crossed my mind while walking in z lovely italian strades :)

breaking of rules and traditions not for sake of being different but for the sake of seeking to fulfill life experiences... for the hope of reaching a better understanding of ourselves and of the mysteries of life!

*it is not important to be famous or popular, but leave a trace in people that you meet along the way.. dont be just like nothing.. be, even if, a fresh breeze of air!
*if you are not gonna make the world a better place, even if for one person, then what do you think would be the reason of your existance?
*Help others to see how beautiful they are, how unique, how strong! help them to see with the heart not only with the eyes..
*See whats after the Horizon.. whats above the clouds.. whats under the sea..
*i was miles away with my thoughts & suddenly imagined if there will be a sign on Heaven's door.. but..
There wont be a sign on Heaven's door saying: Entrance allowed only for "high educated; rich; beautiful or succesful Only" cz enternace is allowed for every & each one who could live loving truely!
*There are a lot of means that help us to live & have a real life, but by time those means turn to be targets in itself that make us poor people.. it makes us forget about life & living!
* Love.. Beauty.. Freedom.. Simplicity.. Respect.. are the most important things that a "Human" cant live without
*Dreams never cost anything but always bring powerful & beautiful effect.. & its becoming true is just so Great!
*Nothing is more important than Life itself
*Life is not only black & white.. there is a plenty of shiny, bright, pale & dark colors in between
*What's life is all about is Love.. Love of everyone & everything.. a person.. idea..nature.. beauty.. dreams..
*What's wrong with being poor & happy?
*whats wrong with being anything & happy?
*whats wrong with working in an unimportant position but loved & irrepreçable in the life of the ones you love?
*its not important where as long as you feel like home & where you belong..
*God is so sweet, his creation is a real beauty
*Enjoying what i have.. & when i have nothing, i hope for the best & never forget that i still have my precious dreams & powerful will
*Being busy & worried can steel the moment & make you miss all the enjoyment & fun
*Nothing can beat true love!
*Time & distance cant break what's inside, because if you believe in the power & the beauty of your dreams, the whole universe will help you achieve it
*along the journey, company can make things taste different & take you to diffenrt destinations
*what's wrong with not having glorious certificates if you are wise enough & have things to teach to your kids?
*People without thoughts or philosophy in life are like papers in the wind, never like flying birds
*Hope & faith are the tender strong backbone to the will that can make you go beyond any border
*Not forgetting the targets makes other things remain in its actual size
*God is a Father, not a teacher in a school. He teaches out of love not out of duty & not stucked to a certain number of chances, season, reason, schedule or phase.. he is just around taking care of everything, everyone, all the time & all the hows
*i am not a judge, & i never wished to be one.. i shall neve forget this!
*Looking too much into details &small pieces makes you miss seeing the whole picture
* "Too" is different that "very".. too takes you out of the meaning..
*Truth's always cost a lot, it would explode inner or external volcano's! but it is worthy going through it.
*There are few things in life that we shall never give up on!
*Life is not easy, but we can make it simple
*Some adventure & risk in life wouldnt harm!
*Dreams doesnt always come true, but they are always beautiful
*Everybody has something pure & good inside him.
*Sometimes you never know the reason
*The goal & the mean, none of them can excuse the other
*Nothing can defeat seeing a smile on a loved face, & it worth everything to draw this smile on this face by your own hands
*There is no such art that can defeat God's art "Nature, Beauty, colors, details, harmony & above all the master piece called Human" i have never saw anthing that can get into competition
*Everything is proportional (success, beauty, priorities, richness...) anything is under the personal point of view except one that can never be a subject of anyone's judgement: God!
*Simplicity always works!
*Never lose the young spirit no matter how old are you

Sibak enta.. mafish 7aga tesswa de7ka tal3a mel alb ;)

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