Thursday, June 29, 2017

Equilibrium.. Sense Offended!

{“But i being poor..
Have only my dreams..
I spread my dreams under your feet..
Tread softly..
You tread on my dreams”}

{“-Let me ask you something. Why are you alive?
-I am alive.. I live.. to…. To serve Librium
-it circular………… so what’s the point!!
-So what’s the point of your existence?
-I am alive to Feel..
Cause if you have never done it you can never know it
But it is the breath
Without it..
Without love, Anger or Sorrow, Breath is just a clock… ticking!”}

I was watching “Equilibrium” for the zillion’s time this morning..
Each time I watch it I still get impressed!
The ideas! The words! The sound tracks!

anyway I realized how I excessively “feel”
If the movie’s story was real & I lived its era, I would have been guilty to the bones! guilty first degree
I go through this “decease” or crime “sense offended”.. As they call it in the movie..
You are under arrest!
I believe in tears.. in laughter.. in smiles..
In unspoken human languages
In any emotional communication
I get so much emotionally effected by music..
By words..By perfumes.. by puppies
By the sun shine..The moon light.. the stars in a dark sky
By the rain & the fresh air..The sea.. The sky.. Flowers..
I excessively feel nature
Art.. Music.. Architecture. Philosophy.. Poetry...Literature
I believe in love.. in dreams.. in the Unique of each man..
I believe in grief.. Anger.. Weakness
I believe in Freedom.. in Justice.. in Passion..
I believe in all human feelings
I excessively glad to feel it all..
How would any human deny all these noble feelings!
How would anyone give up on his humanity!
What for?!!! as the woman asked the clerk in the scene: why are you alive?
& I answer as she did: I am alive to… Feel
“It is a heavy cost that I pay gladly”
Yes! feeling is heavy... it hurts… but it is the cost that I pay happily to stay alive as Me... The self that God had created to be!

"Everyone is controlled. there's no real room for anything spiritual or for any passion or anything anymore, everything is working very well, like clockwork, but it's a very empty tasteless world…You are not allowed to feel anything..even to feel God... You're not allowed to enjoy any art.
None can't cope with it. Nostalgia to the old days, when people were people, as created by God, can't stand what's going on. cant stand loosing Humanity!"

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