Thursday, June 29, 2017

enjoyable chisel!!!

its z beginning of a new era
its different..
TOTALLY different!
but it is sweet
with all its is  relaxing!
with all its hardness.. it is nice!
with all its strangeness... it is warm!
with all its risks... it is reassuring!
with all its newness... it is like home!
it feels too different..
& difference is always hard... but it is smooth!
change is not a comfort zone... but u r changing enjoyingly!
this is very unexplainable
this is very too much... but it just fits!
i just wanna state this in this phase
this is called Chiseling! it cuts from your own self...
it hurts while doing so...
But z amazing about it that it is sweet & enjoyable!!!!
when u c why all this is happening.
when u c the whole picture
when u know z whole package
u enjoy this chisel!

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