Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why do I write?

I write as if no one is reading.. I write to let go the fire in my chest and the flames in my head..
I write for a purpose.. or not! Maybe I write just because i can..
Sometimes I share and sometimes i dont.. sometimes I share because who cares! I have all rights to express my soul out but also sometimes I write hoping that one day someone would find company in my words.. someone would know he is not going through this alone.. someone would remember me happily after um gone. Some unknown stranger would find a good friend in my words.. someone would feel my words can be worth to be passed as a relief to someone dear. Someone would find some needed hope or condolences between the lines..
I write hoping that someone would find some words expressing how they feel or think when they are out of words..
I write hoping someone would find company warmth in my words..
I write because my words will meet you, my friend, when i cant.. I write hoping my words would hug you when you need it when I am not around.. hoping my words would draw a smile on your precious face when we are miles away with no hope of regathering..
I write to distract you from what I dont want you to know.. I write about my joys, worries and pain, to hide my greatest pain that words are dumb in front of it.
I write to give a space in my soul to what i wanna keep only  for myself..
I write to declare or express something that would take your attention away from what I wanna hide
Writing takes away some of the weight off my shoulders.. its how i give my mind & heart a space to breath..
I write because putting down thoughts into words helps me see things clearer & get me to think straight..
I write to give you a piece of my heart, mind and soul.. it is all I have to offer to a fellow..
 it is how a piece of my soul get out of my mortal body to live even after I am gone..
I write because I simply do.. it is who I am!
My writings & your memories with me are my legacy, that's all what gonna remain of me after i am gone.. and I have the intention to make it a reason for a smile on your precious face :)
It has always been my inner fight! Between my loner side.. the moody bohemien loner.. and between the caring side..
The one who doesn't give a damn, and the one who would go out of her way to lend a hand to a stranger..

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