Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A very proud mom :)

My son played with a doll (!!!) 
مع الاعتذار ل i will survive
At first i was afraid i was petrified 
kept thinking what could have happened to my son.. 
and then i spent little time 
thinking how proud I am.. 
i have a great blessed son.. 

My eldest son is 3.5 years old. He has a little sister who is 1 year old.
The other day, i took him and we went to the park for some fresh air and quality time.
He left all the slides, swings, mud and monkey bars; and went straight to a group of girls who were having a doll -pretend baby- with her toy stroller, car seat, changing table, diaper bag...etc
He went straight to the baby and helped the girls bringing the cream.. helped them cover the baby with her blanket after putting her in the car seat because as he explained "its too cold"..
Kept whispering to them "hushhhh hushhh the baby is trying to sleep.. quiet"
At first the girls was confused about him, but he kept on helping anyway. Then they welcomed him so much to the point that they handed him the stroller to lead them to take the baby in a walk!
At first i was thinking 😏 of all the toys and groups here, you selected the girls with the doll? Taking care of a baby? Really?
Usually he plays with older boys! running and car racing.. digging holes in the mud..etc
Anyway, i didn't try to distract him, i just sit steps away watching.. and you know what? He made my heart SMILE! Watching him taking care of a baby was heart warming.. actually i had tears in my eyes.. i was sitting on the bench so proud!
Whenever a parent or a boy looked at him or me, i looked back with a very proud look and a wiiiiiide smile "that's my boy :) " i am a one hell proud moma!
He will grow up to make a caring dad and a helpful husband.. actually he is already a very helpful son and a very loving brother :) ❤
I look at his sister and thank God for sending her such a loving brotber :) 👫 such a blessing!
I pray for God that he would strengthen their bond and keep their hearts as warm, loving and caring forever.
3adi 3la fekra! We went back home and he played with his cars and dinosours...etc magaralush 7aga y3ni. 
It is not less manly to be caring! Actually caring makes them more of a real man, a bonus!
I thank God that he sent my way someone to tell me that it is OK for boys to care.. to play with dolls and be emotional, caring and sensitive.Because such boys, who are let be, they grow up to be emotionally stable, caring, helpful, supportive human beings who are sensitive to others :) متصالحين مع نفسهم و مع العالم 
I thank God for my mom who raised me with 2 brothers, teaching the 3 of us how to clean and cook - the basics. She used to say to my brothers: " you gotta know how to do things for yourself. Be Independent! you gotta be a support for your wife, not an extra burden on her or others" of course i got an extra share as a bonus for being a girl (lucky me😬)
I thank God for my dad who had a couple of simple tasks in the households that only him is responsible for. A dad who cleaned and cooked for us whenever mom was sick or travelling.
Those people taught me how a "real man" should be. A stable human being. A positive member in whatever community he joins.

Let your boys be, let them get connected with their emotions and you will help everyone around them have a reliable "man" to lean on.. a great son, a great btother, a great friend, a great husband and a great father.
Let them be and you will help the whole world be a warmer place, a world full of super Heros! ❤
His definition of a Hero, a normal person who doesn't fly or have any super powers.. all a Hero does is being loving, strong, smart, brave, helpful and kind. In other words, a real human being. 
He is my Super Hero 💪
I donno what on earth did i do to receive such a blessing :) thankful! 

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