Wednesday, February 1, 2017

He was not perfect yet he was great

He did not read in psychology, but he read in the bible everyday, he learnt from The Creator, from the Perfect Father. he was trying to be like "You" because he knew I was looking up at him.

He was not perfect yet he was great.. oh yeah he was such a great man, u know, he always did his best!
He was a role model and example -by his deeds- for everything he asked me to do.
He made sure to teach me the values of life, he encouraged me to think and read to know.
He called me every night to pray with him. He taught me to pray before start doing anything.
He taught me to be courageous and admit I was wrong when i am. He taught me that love brings forgiveness, he taught me that love rise above everything.
He learnt from his mistakes, he changed his ways when he found better ones.
He taught me its never too late to do your best and try to fix things up.
He encouraged me to be "ME" not another copy from anyone nor even from him.
When the world and the community tried to hold me down to the ground, he set me free and said he will face everything for me, when the storm was getting stronger, he was always supporting my back.
I know Life was not always perfect between us, I am not perfect nor was he, but he is the perfect father for me.
and when life was too hard for him, when it took away all his strength, he did not complain, he was waiting for the chance to get back little strength just to "kneel and pray" !! (Details in next blog)
I will never forget the great lessons he taught me just by being himself and doing what he believed in.
No matter how many years passed by, I am still learning from him, I am still getting to understand why and how he was doing what he was doing.
He challenged a lot of obstacles, got over a lot of pain, dared to unlearn and to learn, to become who no one expected him to be.
till now I am getting to know about good deeds you have done secretly, just for the love of God, refusing to get any earthy thanks..
and when I was ready, he was not ashamed to tell me about his mistakes to make sure I learn from them.
He sacrificed his image to make sure he did his best so I would not go through the pain and hardship he went through..
He was teaching me to do the right thing even if he is not, he did not deny or color the right & the truth just to appear better, he cared for me being better than him.
He made me proud to be his daughter, and I really wish I make him as proud to be my dad.
I am so sorry for disappointing you endlessly..
I can't count or list all the things he taught and still teaching me, its priceless and countless.

I really wish my son and daughter would have had the chance to be loved by you, learn from you and be spoiled by you, to be raised by you.
I wish my husband would have had the chance to be your friend and son ( da y3ni law kont sebteni atgawez :D)
And i wish for my husband to be as great dad as you are for our daughter (w yrdini asta7mel elli omi shafeto :D )

I wish for all the girls out there to have such a great father.

Pray for us always before the Greatest Father, The Lord our God :)

5 February 2014
Edited 1 February 2017
11 سنة مهونوش عليا فراقك يا غالي..

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