Friday, January 20, 2017

Here I set you FREE!

I am Free ~  انا حرة
Photo by: Mirna A. Abdel-Malek

Here I set you free..
de-attached from all chains between you & me
you are free to go..
Go wherever you want..
Do whatever you dream
Say whatever you think.....
Here I went away..
I got lost off your way
as long this is how you want it to be
Your ears won’t hear my voice
Your eyes won’t see my face
Here I stay away
Give u all the space
All the freedom you seek
I set you free of me
Love me if you want
Hate me if you prefer
Be whatever each day
Drift... Stay... Fly... Or sleep
I won’t be there to drive u mad
I won’t disturb you by being there.. where u dont want me to be
Yes! You are free of me
I won't ever anymore share
All your days are yours
All your decisions..
your life.. you have it all
All I am taking is the space that my little body must occupy.. but i know my memory will stay.. 

I know I will be curled in that dark corner that you wont see.. or that you pretend you dont see.. i will live forever in the back of your mind and in each corner of each chamber of your heart.. Becauss you chose to make this way.. its up to you..
But the rest of the world? The rest of the world will be all yours & you will find it as you long to it: out of me
You won’t find me in any place
What else do you want from me?
You are free of my thoughts.. of my feelings... of my beliefs
Free of my breath & dreams
Believe whatever you want
Believe I have never been or believe I am always there
Believe I have never gave a damn or Believe I will always care
Believe what you want to believe
You are free of me
Whatever you do now or then or later is what you want
There is no strings here.. no chains.. no bridges bond
Create what you need.

Destroy what you hate
I am no longer here to confuse you
I went on my way wherever that it be.

Don’t worry your eyes wont cross me by
Don’t even wonder if I live or die...
Just live as you have always longed...Free of me!
Goodbye my dear.. I chose to leave.. because -actually- i am setting myself Free!

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