Wednesday, November 23, 2016

One day.. "The" Day you burn all bridges

One day passes smoother than other days without any significant event, but you wake up as if you were someone else.. you feel that you dont belong.. it becomes unmutable: "something is wrong! Smething is so damn wrong!" So  you wake up that day, silent all day long and you calmly show up at your boss's office with your resignation at hand.
Or you call ur lover to break up peacefully but firmly burning all bridges behind.
Or you meet up with this person telling them you cant be friends anymore..
You just walk away from something or someone.. your heart is aching, but you know it's the right thing.. it has always been, but only today you had the courage to admit it to urself and declare it to someone else; and immediately do something about it with no turning back no matter how hard or painful it is.. You just walk away from n abusive relatiinship, and you do it with steady hands, although all the heartache you are feeling.
You wake up one day, knowing time's worth, inner peace' worth, joy's worth, dreams worth, hope's worth, energy's worth, your own self-worth.. and you stand for all these and walk away..

September 2, 2016

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