Saturday, January 2, 2016

My child & God :)

I was thinking  about  my relationship with my bundle of joy that opened my eye on a new perspective of God's love to us "humans" and why he chose the term "his children " in specific :)
In our journey  we would,  even if heartbrokenly, choose to step away from someone no matter how deeply we love them. If they kept on hurting us constantly or making our lives much harder, we would, after a long struggle, decide to leave them. No matter who they are, a friend, a lover, a spouse or even a parent! But almost never a child..
And when I  look on all the struggles and hardship i go through as a mother , it was never a reason to abondon him. All the depression, heartache, sacrifices,sleepless nights, physical, professional, social & emotional hardship i go through, all these major changes in the priorities & lifestyle never succeeded in decreasing my love for him. None of all these could steel even a tiny part of the  joy he brings to my heart.
How watching  him grow chills my heart, how his smile or laugh takes the world away off my shoulders. How seeing him asleep brings all the peace into my heart. How his tiny milestones  became my greatest achievement.
How having to watch him hurt his knee while learning how to walk &run, how I have to give him his first diciplinary actions breaks my heart, yet i have got to deal with it to help him grow in a healthy way to be the best person he can be. تاديبا ادبني الرب و الى الموت لم يسلمني
Only at this point i understood a deeper level and a new perspective regarding God's love for us and why he chose the term  "children" to describe us.
God's love for us is unbreakable and unaffected by our behavior.
God's love for us doesn't go away while being sculptured into our best version through discipline.
God's love for us grows everyday. His heart jumps up out of joy for our laughters as much as it breaks his heart to see us sad even for the silliest reasons.. empathy :)
Thank you God & thank you Bojo for helping me know how much um loved :)

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