Thursday, September 24, 2015

Midnight thoughts about the definition of a "Mom"

May 24, 2014

    A mom is a creature classified as a human being, she also was once known as a woman.. 
a mom is a creature who develops the ability of seeing in the dark,
hearing every tiny sound -while asleep and
can sensor any movement that happens in the house -also while asleep.
Ah, and she can survive for 9 months -so far- without a single full or half night sleep..
She has the ability to get in touch with her instincts so she can figure out exactly what she should do now despite what everyone else is telling her,
she can know what is right for her baby who made her honored with the title mom (we will later add the definition of "baby" to the midnight thoughts dictionary)
If she ever disappears look for her inside the closet or on the bathroom floor, she is probably crying because she feels guilty
most of the time she feels that she is messing up her children and she can't forgive herself for that... a sincere hug and a cup of ice cream might help at this point as ice cream is known as the cure that help devastated moms to digest the following truth: that as long as she is doing her best, hopefully everything will be OK.
if there is no ice cream... an extra sincere hug and encouraging words will do fine then  "you are doing great, the kids are lucky to have you as their mom..etc" and she will soon get out of her hiding so full of herself pretending that she knows exactly what she is doing!
NB. 1- The research couldn't yet discover all her abilities.. research still on!
NB. 2- You must keep ice cream reserve always in the fridge, just in case!

Hey Moms out there you are doing great! your children can't need anything more than the love you shower them with :) some readings will surely help ;)

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