Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy ‪international women‬'s day!

You admired her because she is unpredictable, you loved how she is passionate about her vision and how strong is her belief of her dream. You were caught by her uniqueness & liberation and her not being just another face in the crowd. you were enchanted by her strength and ability to lead and rebel.. but when she unfollowed you and reached out for her path, you hated her, hated her uniqueness & unpredictability, you didn't really accept her, you just wanted to possess her uniqueness. You looked down at her as if she is a thing!
How didn't you get it?! How didn't you understand that she is not the "for sale" type of persons?! Was not that what attracted you to her in the first place?
Have you hated her? or hated the fact that by being who she is, she revealed a truth that you did not want to see?
Anyway, she wished you good and confidently continued her road.

Mirette Nabil 
March 2015

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